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Participation on Twitter supports identity development

Today’s editing of the conclusion has been fun, I am sharing my favourite paragraph as it reminds me of the penny-dropping moment of learning I had while preparing for the DRHA2015 conference. I was exploring how higher education professionals  were using Twitter for … Continue reading

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Get more sleep, Detach from your devices! Meditate.

I love being in London and I have been meaning to go along to Alain de Botton’  events for a while. So when Arianna Huffington was speaking about the reasons for publishing her new book Thrive, I jumped at the … Continue reading

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How I establish the use of the ePortfolio system hasn’t worked as well as it could!

So based on student feedback I need to change how the Mahara ePortfolio is introduced to the MSc Applied Elearning students. It has only dawned on me that my method of teaching this was putting emphasis on the technology before … Continue reading

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Understanding Learning and Teaching

Professor Michael Prosser’s (University of Hong Kong) seminar on ‘research on student learning in higher education’ described key variations in the way students approach their studies in higher education, how those approaches relate to teaching and learning contexts and perception … Continue reading

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Things I learned this week

(Thanks to Doug Belshaw for this idea, he publishes weekly blog posts on what he has learned) Be prepared ……well in advance Always test software and hardware at least a day ahead of a workshop! I started organising the clicker … Continue reading

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Blogtalk and implications for learning

I have really enjoyed 2 days at Blogtalk. I have met with diverse people using technology and social media for communication with clients (marketing personal, online dating agency, digital advertising agency, app developers, NGOs, other academic institutions…). The main takeaways … Continue reading

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Back from Holidays

Back from a few weeks of annual leave, it has taken me 4 days to get into the work routine, I only feel efficient today! During my time-off I completely switched off from work, I am only getting back to … Continue reading

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Summer time catch up

These few days (no phones ringing, no urgent emails!)  have been a great time for reflection on the past year and getting ready for the next academic year.  I have been investigating alterations to the MSc in Applied eLearning programme, … Continue reading

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