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Help me – I’m trying to promote ePortfolios to other academics – how can I influence them!

In a previous higher education institution I supported students in creating ePortfolios as part of a 2 year academic programme. The ePortfolios portrayed each students’ story of the learning journey on the programme, it demonstrated the work put into each … Continue reading

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ePortfolios for learning in Higher Education

I was asked to participate in a discussion for a video at the Institute of Leadership with my colleague Steve Pitman, My EdD research has been based around supporting eportfolios with postgraduate students during their learning journey, this is some … Continue reading

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How I establish the use of the ePortfolio system hasn’t worked as well as it could!

So based on student feedback I need to change how the Mahara ePortfolio is introduced to the MSc Applied Elearning students. It has only dawned on me that my method of teaching this was putting emphasis on the technology before … Continue reading

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