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#Day51 – Getting to know myself better

Well I am just over half way in the 100 days of writing, still trying to forge ahead, even though I have been  feeling very off-form over the past 10 days. So here is what I have been doing, thinking … Continue reading

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#Day35 Break On Through To The Other Side

Since I got draft 1 feedback I have been trying to dive into parts of the dissertation and make improvements. I want I enhance ‘my voice’ within the thesis, and while I can chat with others about what I think … Continue reading

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#Day29 Falling in love again

Part of the Doctoral process is to turn the person into a skeptical, grumpy AKA critically conscious aware human being. It’s also associated with walking in The Valley of S**t phase, where a student loses interest and confidence in the topic … Continue reading

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#Day24 Experiencing the tingle in threshold crossing – DRHA conference

This was one of the slides presented by Steve Dixon, which expressed how I felt at the DRHA 2015 conference this week at DCU, fascinated and in awe but completely out of my depth. The conference was at the threshold … Continue reading

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#Day22 Presentation at the #DRHA2015 conference

I presented Twitter: ego boosting echo chamber or learning tool? at the #DRHA2015 conference today at DCU Slides are online and available on slideshare I love getting interesting questions, and I am grateful to the person who asked ‘how can I … Continue reading

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