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Giving feedback on writing: some questions to ask

Today I’ve been giving feedback on various forms of writing: extracts from a teaching portfolio, a journal article, and the first 2 chapters of a Masters thesis. While there are criteria that I check each of these pieces of writing … Continue reading

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How I establish the use of the ePortfolio system hasn’t worked as well as it could!

So based on student feedback I need to change how the Mahara ePortfolio is introduced to the MSc Applied Elearning students. It has only dawned on me that my method of teaching this was putting emphasis on the technology before … Continue reading

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Things I learned this week

(Thanks to Doug Belshaw for this idea, he publishes weekly blog posts on what he has learned) Be prepared ……well in advance Always test software and hardware at least a day ahead of a workshop! I started organising the clicker … Continue reading

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This morning I am (well supposed to be) reading Lankshear and Knobel’s book on New Literacies……. it is opened on page 9, and I have just read about Freire ‘reading the word and the world’ ….but then I got distracted … Continue reading

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