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Giving feedback on writing: some questions to ask

Today I’ve been giving feedback on various forms of writing: extracts from a teaching portfolio, a journal article, and the first 2 chapters of a Masters thesis. While there are criteria that I check each of these pieces of writing … Continue reading

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Get more sleep, Detach from your devices! Meditate.

I love being in London and I have been meaning to go along to Alain de Botton’  events for a while. So when Arianna Huffington was speaking about the reasons for publishing her new book Thrive, I jumped at the … Continue reading

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Using numeric input clickers in accounting

Alice Luby, Lecturer, School of Accounting and Finance My rationale for using clickers with my accountancy students is to encourage students to be more active in the learning process.  This facilitates those who learn by doing, the approach is also useful … Continue reading

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BA Hospitality Management using clickers to increase student participation

Valerie Hascoet, DIT School of Languages I used the clickers this semester with a group of second year students from the B.A. in Hospitality Management as part of their third French module. I focussed on the skill of listening comprehension, … Continue reading

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Using clickers to teach threshold concepts in accountancy

According to research into threshold concepts once a learner understands a particular concept they are then unlikely to forget and subsequently have the ability to apply their learning to similar and more complex tasks. Teaching basic concepts to novice accountancy … Continue reading

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Using student lists from DIT’s with Turningpoint clickers

After yesterdays clickers workshop I have been trying out a few new tools. First on my list was to try importing a student list from our virtual learning environment The tutorial on how to do this is available at … Continue reading

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Clickers with First Year students in a module on Economics

Ziene Mottiar has been using clickers with First Year students in a module on Economics for Tourism, Hospitality, Event and Leisure. I have found using the clickers a brilliant extra resource in the classroom.  I have used them to recap … Continue reading

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Using Clickers in a Maths lecture

Blathnaid Sheridan, School of Mathematical Sciences DIT I have been using the clicker system with a mixed group of Physics students for whom mathematics is a compulsory module during Semester 1 and Semester 2 of Year 1. I have found a … Continue reading

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DIT lecturer’s technical tips on the use of clickers

Dr Barry Ryan (School of Food Science and Environmental Health)  provides tips on the use of Turningpoint clickers Currently I am using Turning Technologies clicker devices with my Foundation Organic Chemistry students at DIT’s Cathal Brugha St Campus. I am … Continue reading

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