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Whole class feedback via screencast

I have been teaching an assessment and feedback module for lecturers and those who support teaching in DCU this semester. When planning for the module I spoke to DCU students about their experiences of assessment and feedback. The students highlighted … Continue reading

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How do you find time for writing?

Writing is one of my top priorities but it’s often a different story putting this into action and setting aside time for writing. Writing is a challenge for me. Putting words on paper…what am I trying to say; How do I phrase … Continue reading

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Social Media in Health care settings

I facilitated a workshop on using Social Media in Health settings for the MSc in Leadership & Management in the Institute of Leadership today In the past while I was working for DIT I Social Media workshops for educators along … Continue reading

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Understanding Learning and Teaching

Professor Michael Prosser’s (University of Hong Kong) seminar on ‘research on student learning in higher education’ described key variations in the way students approach their studies in higher education, how those approaches relate to teaching and learning contexts and perception … Continue reading

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NAIRTL / LIN Annual Conference

Last week I attended NAIRTL / LIN Annual Conference held at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). Over 300 people attended and I early benefited from this conference as many of the presentations were fresh topics to me. … Continue reading

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Social media is changing learning

I met Mark Cahill at Blogtalk 2010, he runs Socialbits (web 2.0 marketing consultancy) he asked me about the impact of social media on learning, so I wrote a blog post for him!

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Things I learned this week

(Thanks to Doug Belshaw for this idea, he publishes weekly blog posts on what he has learned) Be prepared ……well in advance Always test software and hardware at least a day ahead of a workshop! I started organising the clicker … Continue reading

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Friday @ Blogtalk2010

Stowe Boyd (Social media blur: blogs, networks, streams) describes himself as an Anthropologist ( .  He talked about the trends of the web over the past ten years:  the demise of the managed web (such as AOL); the rise and … Continue reading

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For the past 2 days I have attended Blogtalk2010 at NUI Galway. The theme is “Learn about social media; imagine the future of social networks”. The first day was a packed day with great speakers: Darragh Doyle, Declan Elliot, John … Continue reading

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In the last year the Learning Teaching & Technology Centre (LTTC) bought Turningpoint clickers (classroom response systems) for enhancing teaching and learning at DIT with SIF 2 project funds.  Some classroom response systems had been used for large group teaching … Continue reading

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