Blogtalk and implications for learning

I have really enjoyed 2 days at Blogtalk. I have met with diverse people using technology and social media for communication with clients (marketing personal, online dating agency, digital advertising agency, app developers, NGOs, other academic institutions…). The main takeaways have been < “@Ina The Social Web is in it’s infancy – there is plenty of opportunity beyond Facebook! #blogtalk2010”; Also  Fergus Hurley stated that the mobile  phone will be our personal hub in the next few years.

Supporting learning is underpinned by communication, the continuing emergence of social media for communication will mean that educational institutions will need to continue to keep in touch and adapt accordingly to how students use these tools. As a learning development officer at DIT I think having a learning support or development strategy that is agile and open to change is important to meet the needs of our students.


About Muireann O'Keeffe

I am an educational developer currently working at DCU. I have a passion for researching and evaluating technology that can support and enhance learning. In the past I have taught on Masters programmes (Msc Applied elearning & Postgraduate Diploma in Third level Learning and Teaching) as well as Leadership development programmes.
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