Joining a MOOC

I have lurked on other MOOCs but not participated, so I’m using “the First Steps into Learning and Teaching massive open online course (MOOC) by Oxford Brookes as an opportunity to engage 🙂

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About Muireann O'Keeffe

I am an educational developer currently working at DCU. I have a passion for researching and evaluating technology that can support and enhance learning. In the past I have taught on Masters programmes (Msc Applied elearning & Postgraduate Diploma in Third level Learning and Teaching) as well as Leadership development programmes.
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4 Responses to Joining a MOOC

  1. Hi Muireann
    Welcome to #FSLT13. I hope we can keep you engaged. Marion

  2. Hope you’ll enjoy your first all-out, fully participatory MOOC, Muireann. FSLT13 is small in numbers but huge in opportunity as far as MOOCs go, and a great one to begin with. I have a rather checkered past when it comes to MOOCs but I’m determined to really focus on this one. Timing is everything.

    “Opening Digital Doors” describes your passion perfectly. I also have a technology-related passion — to explore with other teachers and teachers-to-be how we can use technology to learn — for both ourselves and our students. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing teachers gain confidence in themselves and their teaching by meeting the challenges that technology so often presents. In many ways it’s like the high that comes with proving oneself in a nature survival challenge. Maybe no zip-lining but still scary 😉

    I’ll look forward to seeing you around the MOOC! Enjoy!

  3. gudgeirsblog says:

    Hi Muireann.
    Love to see you here and like the idea of being your “classmate!. Very warm greetings from us in Iceland. We are still referring to all the things you taught us:-)

    • Hi Gudrun
      Great to hear from you, Thats great that my workshops were useful!
      There is a great community of learning and teaching developers here in the MOOC, looking forward to the next few weeks 🙂

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