DIT Annual Showcase of Learning and Teaching Innovation

The DIT Annual Showcase of Learning and Teaching Innovation took place on the 13th January at DIT Bolton St. The 2010 showcase, marked the 10 year anniversary of the Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre (LTTC) at DIT. The anniversary was honoured through the production of a 10 year anniversary brochure and a video which reviewed the progression of the LTTC over the past decade. In the afternoon, a panel of various people, including a previous President of DIT, graduates of LTTC programmes, DIT staff members and LTTC staff members recapped on their experience of the LTTC.  I really enjoyed hearing about the history of the LTTC at DIT and of positive impact and contribution to student learning over the years.

The mornings keynote was delivered by Professor John Heywood, Fellow Emeritus, School of Education, Trinity College Dublin: “Broadening the Curriculum? Towards Liberal Knowledge”.
He spoke about the Broad Curriculum and how even in the 1950’s it was seen as beneficial to students to incorporate key-skills into the curriculum for technical engineers.
Also Heywood’s educational philosophy seemed to be strongly in favour of education and learning for the greater good of society, which he described at being at odds with the aims of government who see education as a key driver to economic success.

The recipient of DIT’s 2009 President’s Award for Teaching Excellence
David Williams recounted some personal and professional reflections on learning and teaching of Social Care.

This was followed by 9 parallel sessions facilitated by various DIT lecturers in areas such as maths support, ePortfolios, assessment and use of technology for learning. I really enjoyed John O’Connor’s presentation, describing the project underway at the School of Art, Design and Printing, to develop an ePortfolio system (using Mahara) which will enable future students of DIT display their artistic talent for Art and Design programmes.

The afternoon then provided the showcase audience the choice of 3 workshops. Claudia Igbrude and I facilitated a workshop on social networking, and we discussed how Facebook & Twitter are being used (and experimented with) for educational purposes.

This was the 2nd showcase which I have participated at in DIT and again I found that it was a really valuable occasion to hear about the learning and teaching projects occurring at DIT and also a great opportunity to chat to those involved in learning and teaching innovations.


About Muireann O'Keeffe

I am an educational developer currently working at DCU. I have a passion for researching and evaluating technology that can support and enhance learning. In the past I have taught on Masters programmes (Msc Applied elearning & Postgraduate Diploma in Third level Learning and Teaching) as well as Leadership development programmes.
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