Ascilite 09 Day 3

Parallel sessions

Jane Goodyer & John Milne: Developing competence portfolios in engineering undergraduates

  • Massey University decided to introduce eportfolio to support engineering students in their professionalisation as engineers. During the pilot phase only 16 out of 66 students used the eportfolio system.
    The evaluation that took place found that student did not understand the value of reflection; this would need support in the future.
  • Beverley Oliver & Peter Nikoletatos: Building engaging physical and virtual learning spaces: a case study of a collaborative approach.
    This was an interesting presentation from Curtin University in Perth, on how they have developed an ‘i-portfolio’ system for their students. Curtain University has a set of graduate attributes that encompass certain ‘i-attributes’ relating to digital and information literacy, this the term ‘i-portfolio’ was chosen for their digital portfolio system .  To encourage ‘i-portfolio’ use they have 5 example portfolios available within the system. Students can reviewed (with star-ratings) in relation to how their ‘i-portfolio aligns the graduate attributes of the university.
    Curtin uni also spoke about how they have made this ‘i-portfolio’ system accessible for Smart phones by developing a website for mobile technology:
    In the future they hope to develop an app for the iPhone also.
  • Jenny Waycott : Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies in undergraduate science: Situating learning in everyday experience.
    This presentation described a student activity, devised as an independent learning task, where the student would capture images of chemical processes that occur in daily life and share through the photo-sharing website Flickr. 2000 photos were uploaded to the group area, images such as candles on a birthday cake showing oxidation and combustion.
  • Karen Day: Adapting social media as a scaffolding tool for teaching health informatics.
    This session described how the teaching team set up ‘HIVE’ (where health ideas thrive) social networking tool. Students collaborated online and posed/answered questions on health informatics topics. Some health sector experts also collaborated with the groups with HIVE.


James Clay delivered the closing keynote, a highly creative presentation, very engaging use of music, imagery, theme tunes, photography, video and Twitter stream.  He encapsulated the main themes of the conference: the changing nature of learning with influence by changes in technology, new opportunities for learning through mobile technology.

This keynote was fun, motivating and above all I was filled with excitement and enthusiasm for the potentials of learning technology in the future.

Other reviews of the conference are available at :

The archive of tweets with the #ascilite09 hashtag are accessible at Twapper Keeper,

Cloudworks has collated many resources from the Ascilite conference, see


About Muireann O'Keeffe

I am an educational developer currently working at DCU. I have a passion for researching and evaluating technology that can support and enhance learning. In the past I have taught on Masters programmes (Msc Applied elearning & Postgraduate Diploma in Third level Learning and Teaching) as well as Leadership development programmes.
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2 Responses to Ascilite 09 Day 3

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks this is useful. I must have z look at the I-portfolio idea. I’m interested in getting final year students to think about the skillset development over the course of the year. Could maybe tie it in with professional society requirements.

    As a matter of interest, you don’t have the name of the chem flickr site do you?

    • muir31 says:

      HI Michael
      thanks for comment, I dont have the chem flickr site off top of my head, just know that it was an australain uni but it is something that will not be continued as the staff member was retiring, however I thought it looked interesting. Iwill look this up in procedings when I get back and send the details on to you

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